Best Facial Package in Udaipur

A facial is a supreme way to rejuvenate and calm down your skin muscles. It relieves stress and gives a healthy glow to your skin. Facial for a bride is equally important as any other wedding ritual. From cleansing your pose to binding skin impurities and giving your face a soft touch through facial oils. We preserve your youthful skin and reduce the dark patches and dull skin.

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Some of our best bridal facials will keep your skin blemish free and young

Facial Package

Gold Facial

Gold facials are specially done to get glowing skin. Most of the brides go for a Gold facial as it brightens the skin tone. Gold facials purify the skin and brighten the skin color. Book your appointment for a Gold facial for brides in Udaipur at Gleam Studio.

Pearl Facial

If you are looking for beautiful glowing skin then Pearl facial is the one for you. And the best part of Pearl facial is that it goes well on every skin type. It raises blood circulation and brightens your complexion.

diamond facial

Diamond facial

Diamond facials are also recommended for brides. Diamond facials end up giving a dazzling glow to your skin. If you are going to be a bride or you are a bride made we would recommend a Diamond facial to get that diamond spark on your face.

Wine facial

As wine is rich in antioxidants so this facial helps in removing dead skin cells and hydrates your skin. We use red wine for this facial as it is rich in polyphenols. It helps in fighting acne and breakouts.

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Gleam studio Is committed to beauty, regeneration, and leisure. You will be pampered with our unmatchable rove for services. Choose your forbearance from a wide range of services from the best salon for facials in Udaipur that calm down the body.

Once you get free from the hassle and hustle of your wedding shopping it’s time to approach your beauty salon. Book your appointment at Gleam studio to get the best Facial Package in Udaipur.