Maharashtrian Bridal makeup artist in udaipur

Makeup is an art that enhances your look. And when it comes to Maharashtrian weddings they are actually very rich in their cultures and full of vibrant colors. 

And the Maharashtrian brides Look graceful in their bridal attire. Maharashtrian weddings generally take place in the noontime and at that time light and Subtle makeup look great. And during the bright day, the vibrant colors of the bride’s attire look even prettier.

The Maharashtrian bride looks graceful and full of colors effortlessly. Maharashtrian brides often prefer their own signature traditional makeup. Whether you are planning to wear a lehenga or a colorful nauvari saree People will be following for the grace and charm of your face. From your half moon-bindi to your mundavalya, we will firm everything absolutely, to sum up your Maharashtrian bridal look. 

So bride-to-be, what are you waiting for? Our Maharashtrian Bridal makeup artists in Udaipur are famous for their skills and perfection. So, book your appointment today at Glean makeover.

The make-up of Maharashtrian brides

Marathi Bridal Makeup

If you are planning to get married during the day, loud makeup will not look good. Simple and elegant makeup remains in demand among Maharashtrian brides. A bold lip color with light makeup will take your look top-notch.

Hairstyle and Mundavalya for Marathi brides

A Maharashtrian bride without a mundavalya looks so incomplete.  And of course, our beautician knows the importance of it.  So if you want to ditch the old pattern of mundavalya and want to opt for new and trending mundavalya then we are here to help you. A sleek bun or a messy bun looks absolutely great with Mundavalya. Or if you want to go with some other hairstyle you can share it with us. 

Eye makeup of Maharashtrian brides

Maharashtrian brides also go for minimal makeup looks. Slightly glittery Eyes with subtle eye shadow color matching with your dress. With this, a lot of mascara and kajal will give you an elegant look. 

Draping the Maharashtrian saree

From head to toe, we will drench you completely in the Maharashtrian look.  Since the Maratha rule, the Maharashtrian ladies prefer wearing nauvari saree as they used to help their husbands during the Wars. And today also when it comes to important rituals the Maharashtrian ladies wear nauvari saree. And we are absolutely aficionados of Maharashtrian culture. And we are the best Marathi bridal makeup artists in Udaipur. Contact us and make your wedding even more colorful.