Nail Art

For a bride, everything meant to be flawless from her stiletto to her outfit, from her nails to her hair. Brides spend hours financing outfits and makeup and it is acceptable.

nail art

Unique nail art in udaipur

Nails are something that a bride should never omit. But, you do not have to take charge of that. A Gleam studio’s list of unique nail art for brides will go with all your ethnic and modern dresses. From glittery nails to studded nails we give a huge choice to the brides. 

Nails and hands will be taking a lot of attention at your wedding. Our beautiful nail art designs will give you a celebrity look. 

Gleam studio offers you the best and unique nail art in Udaipur. These designs will go with your nuptial outfit and bridal makeup. 

Nails are an important part of your wedding attire. Where your engagement ring will stand out and shine. We will deliver your nails a look of a small canvas that will give your style a signature look. With the gorgeous henna designs, your hands will not demand any other embellishment. 

Our nail artists are experts and they will give extremely pretty nail designs matching your dress color.